Talent development programme—succession planning and career development


Tarmac plc needed to be able to assess the skills of their top management for succession planning and career development purposes. An established competency framework existed for this population and the assessment was to be carried out against this framework. Tarmac wanted an approach that really stretched the candidates. It should be something that was thorough, valued and prized by the target population.

The approach

People and Organisation Development designed and then delivered a Development Centre to gather data on skills from as many sources as possible. A combination of 360 degree feedback, psychometric ability testing, simulation and critical incident was combined together over a two day period. The two days were designed to replicate an ordinary day in the life of a senior manager at Tarmac. Candidates had to book all assessment exercises themselves and throughout the two days, tasks and problems were presented to them, just like real life.

Following this, People and Organisation Development’s assessors prepared detailed feedback reports for each candidate and facilitated a feedback session with the candidate and their line manager. From this, the individual became responsible for driving a development plan with the support of the internal Learning and Development function and their line manager.

The results

Candidates reported the day had been tough but enjoyable. Data indicated a broad range of skills across candidates, as would be expected and also differentiated clearly between strengths and weaknesses for each candidate. Individual’s development plans proved to be challenging, successful and focussed on the areas that would make the most difference to the business and to them as individuals indicating success of the overall process. Tarmac was delighted with the Programme which was incorporated into their portfolio of development events.