Living leadership event


RCI Travel needed a development programme for their directors to ensure they were equipped to carry the business into a new period of growth and development. The internationally-based team was to be brought together for an extended outdoor/residential event over a period of three plus two days.

The approach

The approach recommended by People and Organisation Development was to create two events. The first, a three day event would focus on leadership by creating high-impact communication to inspire and engage people. It made use of some key leadership models and made use of work-based 360 degree feedback. The exercises were typically three or four hours long with a two hour debrief afterwards. They were designed to put the person in the leadership role under pressure akin to the pressure they experience at work.

The second two day event focussed on a business simulation which related to the travel business. Each ‘year’ was a one hour time period. Decisions were fed in to a bespoke modelling tool and results processed. Feedback was given to the group and a debrief of that year carried out. Technical input was given where appropriate (eg explaining accounting calculations).

The results

Feedback from the participants was excellent. The experience is talked about more widely than the group who experienced it and ongoing reports suggest that change and development has been lasting.