Leadership development programme


ACF Office Seating needed a development programme for its team of directors and senior managers. The team of eight people played hands-on roles in the organisation so could not be released for extended periods of time. None of them had any previous formal training or development. Budget was restricted.

The approach

Because of budget and time restrictions, People and Organisation Development recommended a modular classroom-based approach. Based on key identified needs, the series of six modules started with the basics of creating the right impact and communicating well and moved through managing change; managing people; managing meetings; delivering presentations; managing organisational culture; and process management.

Each module was between half a day and two days long and was based at a local training centre. Each module comprised input from the People and Organisation Development facilitator as well as experiential exercises designed to create learning from a different perspective and skills practice. Each module ended by focussing on application in the workplace and often included a presentation to, or discussion with the managing director.

The results

The results exceeded all expectations. The programme created a shift in the population beyond what had been anticipated and for several participants it created a real sense of limitless possibility and a desire for further management development and coaching.