Our associates

Ruth Ifill

Ruth is a people development professional with extensive experience in coaching and organisation launch and change. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the profession working in blue chip service companies within the UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

Ruth has worked extensively in ‘start-up’ companies within financial services where she analysed, designed and implemented induction and change programmes. She also managed the effects of the emotions around the change in cultures by devising and implementing cultural change programmes. She specialises in management development, covering all levels from first line managers to directors. She has designed and delivered a comprehensive range of programmes to meet a variety of needs as well as providing coaching to managers in support of their development.

Ruth is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® qualified and uses the personality preference tool within team building programmes.

Tricia Jephcott

Tricia has over 15 years’ experience in customer service and management development training. This was developed and finely tuned during her 9 years at one of the most highly regarded customer service organisations, First Direct. She has been a Training Consultant for seven years and revels in delivering measurable results that helps companies grow. All her training is based on adult learning principles, using recognised and highly interactive techniques to develop behavioural change that can be transferred to the work environment.

Tricia’s is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions and matches this with a positive attitude to get results from every delegate she meets. She also has over 30 years of working at elite level gymnastics and brings her passion for success into the training room, stretching individuals to achieve greater personal success than they believed possible.

Claire Bateson

Claire is a learning and development consultant and has been involved in activities across the whole training cycle: researching the need; designing material; delivering training and evaluating its impact. She has over 14 years’ experience in this field both within corporate environments and in freelance roles. She focuses on helping individuals to make positive change to what they do and helps them to see the personal and business benefits.

She has an MBA qualification and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Emotional Intelligence. She is also qualified as an NVQ assessor and verifier. She is passionate about lifelong learning and enjoys finding new ways to do this for herself and for others.